Radiant VR is a group of video game professionals.

Our VR apps have received 1st and 3rd place for Experience Design in 2018 worldwide competition with over 400 entries from studios around the globe.

Our VR applications showcased our clients' products and services at numerous exhibitions around the world, including DistribuTECH, CIRED, PACWorld, Asia Utility Week, Electric, Power and Renewable Energy Indonesia, Asia Pacific Software Users Summit, PCIC, Powering Thailand, European Utility Week, GCC CIGRE Power, WPRC, SNPTEE, BIXPO, Mipsycon, Saudi Arabia Smart Grid conference & exhibit, IEEE and others.



 VR adds a new dimension to explaining the events and processes, providing an unparalleled value for each session. 

In VR, products, events, and processes can be shown inside out;

time can be reversed; you can scale down to observe nuclear reactions, or hold the planet in the palm of your hand.

You can train real life skills without the need of relocation or any hazard to the trainee, and you can do so at any location at any time.

VR opens up a new dimension is showcasing and training, and is currently evolving from a fun toy into a powerful tool.



The skills obtained in virtual environment translate well into the real life, and each session is easily accessible and fully replayable.

With the top 10 world's companies using VR in some capacity already, and the rest following in steady pace, it is obvious that VR content

is becoming just as essential and common as 2D and 3D content.

We are in this business because when we look into the future,

we see VR.